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Scroll of the End of Days

The book of Revelation is possibly one of the most neglected and at the same time one of the most controversial books in the Bible. The highly divergent views of writers and preachers who interpret it, further complicates matters in gaining clarity about the message of Revelation.

The Day of the Lord by Johan Malan. A transcribed version of 20 messages on the book of Revelation

The Hour of Darkness by Johan Malan. Read in this book about the nature and results of this satanic reign of terror, sparked off by double-dealing peace movements, and how you can escape it by way of the rapture. For those who have not been counted worthy to escape this time of tribulation, a Biblical strategy for spiritual survival is offered in the book.

Israel in the End-Time by Johan Malan. The Middle East is the focal point of apocalyptic events from a Biblical point of view. Israel features prominently in the coming scenario, which is referred to as The Day of the Lord and The Time of Jacob's Trouble by the prophets of Israel, and as The Great Tribulation by the Messiah Himself. Read about the calling, dispersion and restoration of Israel in this book. Acquaint yourself with the minority of true believers described as the remnant in Israel. More important still, learn to distinguish between the true Messiah and the false messiah. Not only the people of Israel, but all nations, will shortly be confronted with choices that will determine their final destiny. Tragically, most of them will be so deceived and uninformed that they will make the wrong choice. Instead of accepting the true Messiah, the nations of the world will conclude a covenant with the false messiah by entering into an agreement with him. The message of this book is for Jews and non-Jews alike, as the whole world will be affected by the dramatic events that will soon occur in the Middle East. Don't make the fatal mistake of signing up to the New World Order and its coming leader, and never ever side with the enemies of Israel!

End-Times Biblical Prophecies In a rapidly changing world it becomes increasingly important to take notice of biblical prophecies on the last days before the second coming of Christ. Only informed people who have acquainted themselves with the prophetic Word will not be caught unprepared by new developments in the world. Since the restoration of Israel in the mid 20th century, many prophecies are being fulfilled in various spheres of life. In this way, clear evidence is forthcoming on an emerging new world order which is inherently evil, and within which Israel and evangelical Christianity are both marginalized

The festivals of the Lord  in Leviticus 23 are among the most enlightening passages in the Old Testament as they contain a prophetic programmed on the future revelation of the Messiah in New Testament times. A blueprint of His plan to redeem humanity.


The Articles

Geat Falling Away after the Departure of the Church by Johan Malan. An exposition of the departure of the church as stated in 2 Thess. 2:3.

Anti-Christian Consequences of the Boundless Freedom of Humanity by Johan Malan. Radical postmodern reforms in modern society.

Significance of the Olivet Discourse by Johan Malan. Tremendous Prophetic Significance of the Olivet Discourse.

Images of Jesus by Johan Malan. The deity, names and identity of Jesus.

Dispensations in the Bible by Johan Malan. This basic overview of the seven dispensations in the divine history of man is offered as background information to a better understanding of the articles dealing with the Antichrist and the rapture.

Twelve reasons for the rapture by Johan Malan. The rapture is a very important event in the chronology of end-time events. It must be properly understood if we wish to be ready and worthy to escape the coming tribulation period. Twelve reasons for the rapture are discussed.

New age reforms by Johan Malan. A new world view is emerging in the world today. It affects all aspects of life, from religion to society and politics.

Humanistic reforms in government and society by Johan Malan and Rev EJ Zevenster. Various nations of the world are now confronted with humanistic constitutions after a long period of Christian constitutions. Far-reaching reforms emanate from these new principles.

The Kingdom of Satan by Johan Malan. An exposition of Paul's statement: "For we do not wrestle against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this age, against spiritual hosts of wickedness in the heavenly places" (Eph. 6:12).

The Antichrist by Johan Malan. Structures are now created and ideologies propagated to pave the way for the coming of the Antichrist as world leader. It is imperative to understand these reforms if we are to effectively expose and resist them on biblical grounds.

God's love for Israel by Johan Malan. God's love for Israel, and His irrevocable covenant with them, guarantees the complete restoration of this nation. To read more about God's dealings with His chosen people, read the book Israel in the end-time.

The Last Generation: By Prof. J.S. Malan, University of the North, South Africa
Christians are expected to seriously consider the signs of the times which indicate the nearness of the Second Coming of Jesus Christ (Mt. 16:2-3). Although we are admonished to refrain from the extreme practice of date-setting, we should nevertheless acquaint ourselves with biblical references to the last generation as a time-frame for the fulfilment of prophecies about to the restoration of Jerusalem, the rapture, the seven-year tribulation period with its extensive range of apocalyptic events, and the Second Coming of Christ (Mt. 24:34; Lk. 21:32).

Divine Judgments and Signs of the Times
Prof. Johan Malan, Mossel Bay, South Africa (July 2010)
The signs of the times should be carefully considered within their correct dispensational framework.

Religious Deception by Johan Malan. Many distorted versions of the Gospel are being propagated today. These relate to the person of Jesus Christ, the Holy Spirit and the message of salvation. Acquaint yourself with these false doctrines and how to resist them.

Do You Need Extra Oil In The Lamp For The Rapture? by Bibledesk.Com
The Rapture: Warning (Scripture with commentary)
The Rapture comes next. Just before the Rapture, we might expect some kind of a warning that Jesus is now returning to rapture "His" people. It may be a warning that only some will recognize.It will be too late for those that are not watching and ready.

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We are very close to the end of the church age and therefore on the threshold of the rapture and the revelation of the Antichrist.

It is critically important that we understand this period of the concluding of the present dispensation and the ideological preparations as well as the setting up of structures for the emerging anti-Christian tribulation period.

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The Judgement Seat of Christ
by Johan Malan True Christians prepare for their heavenly abode that will follow after their appointment at the judgement seat of Christ where they have to give account of their lives.

The Antichrist by Johan Malan Nominal Christians, as well the members of all the non-Christian religions, prepare for the coming ant-Christian dispensation of global political, social, economic and religious unity under the leadership of the Cosmic Christ of all faiths.

Who Is Jesus? by Johan Malan. The personal names, Deity, official titles, and the most common descriptive names of the Lord Jesus are reviewed, as well as His attributes and functions associated with the different appellations.

From Darkness to the Light by Johan Malan, contains an exposition of the Christian doctrine of salvation (including justification and sanctification) and clearly distinguishes it from the increasing phenomenon of false repentance.

Religious Deception by Johan Malan. Many distorted versions of the Gospel are being propagated today. These relate to the person of Jesus Christ, the Holy Spirit and the message of salvation. Acquaint yourself with these false doctrines and how to resist them.

Revival by Charles Finney. America's foremost revivalist of the 19" century gives clear and proven directives on how to deal with the problem of sin and spiritual stagnation among backslidden churches and their members It is aimed at restoring or establishing a vital relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ.

Spiritual Warfare by Johan Malan. Every Christian should be able to identify the strategies of the Evil One, and to offer effective resistance against the enemy of his soul. All the relevant biblical instructions are reviewed in this booklet.

The Rapture by Johan Malan, reviews the biblical promises of the sudden and unexpected coming of the heavenly Bridegroom to take away the true church to her destination in heaven. This is the good news element in a dark scenario of end-time events.

Israel by Johan Malan. The restoration of Israel to the land of their fathers is the fulfillment of explicit promises in the Bible. Their future covenant with the false messiah will set the scene for the great tribulation, also referred to the time of the trouble of Jacob. Acquaint yourself with these prophecies and pray for the peace of Jerusalem.

The Antichrist by Johan Malan. The coming counterfeit Christ will suddenly appear on the scene and quickly rise to a position of religious and political world leadership. His false peace will be followed by an unequalled reign of terror, and be ended in a dramatic way by the coming of the true Messiah.

Hell - what the Bible says about it by Dr. John Rice. This book reviews the major biblical statements about Hell, and the author decisively indicates the reality of a burning Hell where all sinners will spend eternity.

The Judgment Seat of Christ by Johan Malan, discusses the appointment that all Christians have to appear before the Judgement seat of Christ to give account of their lives and stewardship as believers. This works judgement is distinct from the final judgement before the great white throne.


About The Author

Johan Malan

Prof. Johan Malan, born 9.1.1941, was appointed Head of the Department of Anthropology at the University of the North in South Africa in 1978 – a position he still holds.

His father was a missionary in South Africa and Swaziland, and on the mission fields Johan developed a keen interest in the cultures of the indigenous peoples. He later qualified as an ethnologist.

In his home he was thoroughly oriented on the premillennialist view of Biblical eschatology. Subsequently, he continued with a systematic study of the subject. Since 1984 he has been the editor of a Christian actuality magazine in Afrikaans, focusing on current events from a Biblical perspective. Apart from Anthropological publications such as Swazi culture and Peoples of Namibia (available in English and German), he also wrote various Christian books on Israel, Revelation, the New Age Movement, the occult, etc. Furthermore, he translated a number of books into Afrikaans, among them Dr. Paul Freed's book on the history of Trans World Radio, titled Towers to Eternity.

The publication of the Christian books and magazine resulted in various speaking engagements in churches and other meetings. A radio ministry on prophetic subjects over a Christian community radio station in Cape Town started in mid 1998 and is still running.

The translation of Johan’s books on Revelation and Israel into English opened the doors to extend his ministry to various other countries. His book on Israel was translated into Russian and Estonian, and widely distributed among Russian-speaking Jews in Israel, Ukraine, and Russia. A Russian-speaking Messianic Jewish pastor in Jerusalem, Viktor Blum, took the initiative to have the book translated into Russian by his wife, Julia. It was printed in Estonia by a Russian pastor, Stanislav Sirel, who also organised the Estonian translations of the books on Israel and Revelation.

Johan’s book on revelation is presently being translated into German, Russian and Swahili. Swahili is a lingua franca spoken by about 100 million people in East Africa. David Ang’ang’o of Trans World Radio in Kenya translated the book and broadcast it in sections during the past year. With the new millennium approaching and the prophetic scene rapidly enfolding in the world, people in East Africa are showing great interest in prophetic subjects and are responding enthusiastically to the messages on Revelation.

Johan Malan and his son, Francois, a computer scientist in Pretoria, started a Christian website in August 1998 to also use this medium to proclaim the greatest and most important message ever entrusted to human beings – the message on the first and second comings of the Lord Jesus Christ to Planet Earth. "…the testimony of Jesus is the spirit of prophecy" (Rev. 19:10).

Editor: Prof. Johan Malan
University of the North, Pietersburg, South Africa

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Bibleguide is an interdenominational Christian ministry aimed at publishing and promoting the basic facts about evangelical Christianity. The timeless truths of the Bible are exposed as well as various contemporary issues and trends. Prophetic issues are also dealt with. Our main objective is to glorify the Lord Jesus Christ. When He is exalted He will draw people to Himself.

We are evangelical, Protestant believers who confess the Holy Trinity, the divine inspiration and inerrancy of the Bible, the need for all people to be born again spiritually to enter the kingdom of God (justification by faith), and also the doctrine of sanctification by being filled with the Holy Spirit to become bold witnesses and disciples of the Lord Jesus. We believe in the Second Coming of Jesus Christ and understand eschatological promises within a premillennial framework within which we teach the physical restoration of Israel to their land, a pretribulation rapture, a seven year tribulation period during which the world will be ruled by the Antichrist and the false prophet, followed by the Second Coming of the Lord Jesus to slay His enemies, save, establish and exalt the remnant of Israel in their land, found His millennial kingdom and rule with His glorified saints on earth, at the end of which the final judgement and the creation of a new heaven and a new earth will occur.

The author is editor of a bimonthly Christian magazine in Afrikaans (Die Basuin) which first appeared in 1984. Various books and articles emanated from this ministry, some of which were later translated and published in English, Russian, Estonian, and Portuguese. A Cape Town based radio ministry in Afrikaans and English was started in 1998. Also in this year, the ministry was extended to the Internet where all the articles and books are offered for free online reading and downloading.

The copying, further duplicating and distribution of the material provided here is allowed, but not as a commercial enterprise. Costs that are charged for the provision of materials should only be to cover basic expenses and not for personal gain. The end user must be made aware of the fact that the material is available on the Internet free of charge.

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