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By Prof. Johan Malan, University of the North, South Africa

The Middle East is the focal point of apocalyptic events from a Biblical point of view. Israel features prominently in the coming scenario, which is referred to as the day of the Lord and the time of Jacob's trouble by the prophets of Israel, and as the great tribulation by the Messiah Himself. Read about the calling, dispersion and restoration of Israel in this book. Acquaint yourself with the minority of true believers described as the remnant in Israel. More important still, learn to distinguish between the true Messiah and the false messiah. Not only the people of Israel, but all nations, will shortly be confronted with choices that will determine their final destiny. Tragically, most of them will be so deceived and uninformed that they will make the wrong choice. Instead of accepting the true Messiah, the nations of the world will conclude a covenant with the false messiah by entering into an agreement with him. The message of this book is for Jews and non-Jews alike, as the whole world will be affected by the dramatic events that will soon occur in the Middle East. Don't make the fatal mistake of signing up to the New World Order and its coming leader, and never ever side with the enemies of Israel!

Scripture quotations are from the New King James Version, unless otherwise stated. Quotations from the King James Version are designated KJV, from the Amplified Bible AB, from the Living Bible LB, and from the New International Version NIV.

Recognition is given to Good News Missionary Society, Johannesburg, who kindly granted permission for the use of some of the testimonies of Messianic Jews that appear in Chapter 3.

English Translation by Lucia Wels. Edited by the author.


I count it a privilege to have read Israel in the end-time prior to its publication. Professor Malan has a very in-depth and accurate knowledge of God's plan regarding Israel and humanity in these last days. Coupled with this is his love for God's often wayward people, and a genuine desire to see them come to salvation.

Israel in the end-time has a twofold purpose that is of great importance to the Church as well as to the Jews. I feel that Christians will come to understand their Jewish roots through the book, and begin to appreciate their awesome responsibility to warn God's chosen people of the perils that lie ahead of them should they reject their Messiah. I particularly enjoyed reading the testimonies of Jewish believers in the Messiah, and know that these will impact the lives of all who read them.

Most important is the fact that the New World Order is being sold to the Jews who are awaiting, what they believe to be, their Messiah. I appeal to my Jewish brethren who read this book to heed its message, as Israel is about to enter into her darkest hour. Your very life may depend on it.

South Africa

Pastor David Nathan


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