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Germany Wants EC to Be a Government

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May 1, 2001

German leaders of both left and right made it clear yesterday that they were backing an all-out push for the political integration of Europe by the end of the decade

Published: Apr 24, 2001

TEHRAN, Iran (AP) - Calls for holy war against Israel reverberated Tuesday at a conference in Tehran, where Islamic militants were joined by delegates from Muslim nations who until now had eschewed calls for confrontation with Israel.
Iran telegraphs superiority
with missile barrage on Iraq

Special to World Tribune.com
Wednesday, April 25, 2001

The Iranian firing of up to 66 Scud missiles at Iraq on April 18

In Teheran, Hizbullah and Hamas leaders have organized an international conference on the Palestinian mini-war against Israel.

"The Israeli regime is rotting on the inside and the new generation of Israelis is no longer motivated to defend it," Khamenei said. "First of all this regime must be isolated in the occupied territories, its political and economic lifelines severed, and then the armed resistance against Israel must be continued."

By Teresa Watanabe
Los Angeles Times
Posted April 13 2001
Exodus story? scholars say, the biblical account never occurred. There is no conclusive evidence that the Israelites were ever in Egypt, were ever enslaved, ever wandered in the Sinai wilderness for 40 years or ever conquered the land of Canaan under Joshua's leadership.
World Ignores Atrocities in Sudan
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Thursday, April 5, 2001

Christianity is facing in the entire world: the genocide

Perpetrated chiefly against Christians in southern Sudan. the world does not cry out in protest when Muslim militiamen pierce and padlock the lips of Black Christians so that they may not talk about the horrors they have seen and endured?

Russia Running Low on Oil, Raw Materials
Thursday, April 5, 2001

Russia is running out of oil

Russia's dependence on oil revenue is about to take a hit, according to a Moscow publication.
In a March 30 dispatch, Rossiyskaya Gazeta revealed that Russia is running out of oil that is easily extracted – the kind that has boosted Moscow's financial condition.

Saudi Arabia News,March 2001
March 19, 2001

The Federation of Chambers of Commerce and Industry of the Gulf Cooperation Council will organize its second international conference on electronic communications. The conference, with the title 'Towards a Digital Economy', will be held in Dubai on April 16, 2001.

Saudi Arabia News,March 2001


March 20, 2001

Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques King Fahd bin Abdulaziz today received visiting Palestinian President Yasser Arafat. During the audience, there was discussion on bilateral relations, the latest developments in the Middle East peace process, and overall situation in the Arab and Muslim worlds.

Saudi Arabia News,March 2001
MWL issues statement on Jerusalem (03/09/01)


March 9, 2001

The Muslim World League (MWL) issued a statement yesterday stressing that Al-Quds [Jerusalem] is an Arab and Islamic city, not a Jewish one, and that the United Nations as well as historical documents have affirmed this. The MWL expressed the concern of the world's 1.5 billion Muslims at the comment made yesterday by U.S. Secretary of State Colin Powell to the meeting of the International Relations Committee at the U.S. House of Representatives, describing Jerusalem as the capital of Israel. 

Bush and Major Attend Economic Forum In Jeddah (01/23/00)
Former U.S. President George Bush, and former British Prime Minister John Major, both of whom are participating in the international economic forum

January 23, 2000

Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques King Fahd Ibn Abdul Aziz yesterday received former U.S. President George Bush, and former British Prime Minister John Major, both of whom are participating in the international economic forum currently in progress in Jeddah. The forum, entitled 'Accomplishing Stable Growth under the Shadow of Economic Globalization', and organized by the Jeddah Chamber of Commerce and Industry in collaboration with Harvard University in the United States, was inaugurated yesterday by Governor of Makkah Province Prince Abdulmajeed Ibn Abdul Aziz.

BBC Monitoring Global Newsline

12/03/2001  Palestinian issue should be main topic for Arab summit, Iraqi statement says

President Leader Saddam Husayn, may God watch over him, chaired a meeting attended by Izzat Ibrahim, vice-chairman of the Revolution Command Council
1. Iraq believes that the Palestinian question should be the central issue on the agenda of the forthcoming Arab summit. Iraq believes that there should be an in-depth discussion of the issue and that the summit should distribute roles and obligations to each of the attendees according to what they are capable of if they were to rise to the level expected of them for the sake of this sacred cause.

  H a m a s

The Covenant of the Islamic Resistance Movement (HAMAS)-Palestine

Israel will exist and will continue to exist until Islam will obliterate it, just as it obliterated others before it" (The Martyr, Imam Hassan al-Banna, of blessed memory).

"The Islamic world is on fire. Each of us should pour some water, no matter how little, to extinguish whatever one can without waiting for the others." (Sheikh Amjad al-Zahawi, of blessed memory).

September 11 attacks: What happened?  9/11?  On Tuesday 11 September 2001 suicide attackers seized US passenger jets and crashed them into two New York skyscrapers, killing thousands of people.The attack remains one of the most traumatic events of the century, not only for Americans but also for the world.


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